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Education is the key to success, that’s why SCORE Central Maine offers business owners a wealth of resources, including webinars and one-on-one mentoring, to continue learning as they build their businesses.

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Whether you're just starting out, in business, or ready to sell or retire, you can get FREE, confidential business advice from expert advisors committed to helping you succeed. Mentors are available to participate in remote mentoring sessions via phone, email, and video.

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Register today for our no-or low-cost business training. We provide education on a variety of business topics, including marketing, finance, accounting, management, and others. Live webinars, on-demand interactive courses, and recorded webinars are also available online.

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If you're looking for free, local business templates, guides, blogs, or other helpful tools, SCORE is your destination. Browse our resource library to get the latest in small business strategies and trends. Use the information you find in the library to grow your business knowledge.

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Buying or Selling a Business

If you are a business owner who is hoping to retire, or a new entrepreneur looking to buy an existing business, there are a lot of questions that you need to answer before making any decisions.

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Legal Issues for Small Business - Q&A

Self-employment taxes to rules and regulations for letting employees go, here are so many steps to starting a small business, and sometimes the last thing on your mind is rules and regulation.

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But What do I Post? Simple Social Media Strategies

Social media is different for everyone, and sometimes it can be intimidating and feel like you are always lagging behind or there is always a new post that has to be made, but this doesn't have to be the case!

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How to write more clearly and build your own circle of fans, followers, and appreciative customers

There is a very simple framework that will help you sharpen your writing by presenting your idea or argument in a clear, concise, and engaging way.

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When to rebrand, when to remain consistent

As your business grows and evolves you may begin to question whether you are outgrowing your brand. There are many pros and cons to deciding whether you should refresh or remain steady with your branding.

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Age of the Entrepreneur

What is the right age to be an entrepreneur in Maine? The reality is that Maine entrepreneurs – SCORE clients among them – are of many ages, and age has little to do with their success.

Guide for using LinkedIn to grow your sales pipeline

Using LinkedIn to grow your sales pipeline

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for building a professional network that leads to referrals and sales. However, for those businesses selling to other professionals, LinkedIn can do much more.

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One-page Business Plan Template

This is a great place to start before you jump into writing an in-depth business plan. We use this template in Southern Maine SCORE's Starting Your Own Business and Writing a Business Plan workshops!

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SCORE is proud to have the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors. They help thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their small businesses every year. Our volunteers give back to their communities and pass on their knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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