How does the value of your business translate to social media?

Social media is different for everyone, and sometimes it can be intimidating and feel like you are always lagging behind or there is always a new post that has to be made, but this doesn't have to be the case! Social media strategy can take a lot of the guesswork out of planning content and posts to connect with your audience, across multiple social media platforms. This webinar was produced by SCORE Maine in conjunction with the Lewiston Auburn Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Know your Audience

Develop an understanding of the kind of social media user that interacts with your content, and most critically, if they are the kind of person that will purchase from you. Your SCORE Mentor will likely ask you about your ideal customer or to create an ideal customer profile, which is a great starting point to understanding your social media audience!

Understand your Platform

Every social media platform is different! Many social media platforms will have different audiences, which can make the time you spend on that platform invaluable or a time sink. Different users on different platforms to the way platforms natively interact with content, your platform choices are a critical part of your social media strategy.

The Many Types of Content

The content you post will show your audience what your brand is all about, and you don’t always have to make fresh content every time, make use of the content you are already making! Post snippets from your blog, testimonials from clients, or photographs of your work in progress, there are many ways to connect with your audience and give them a way to feel invested in your business.

Social Media is not Sales

Social media is about connecting with your customers and audience first and making a sale second. Don’t be afraid to have a social media personality, or to be funny! Brand loyalty is one of the most important motivators for younger consumers. Establishing a human connection with them will make a sale much easier and feel less like a high-pressure situation.



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