As a catalyst for business and job creation, SCORE helps strengthen our local economy. 

Small businesses need money and mentoring to be successful. No organization is more effective at mentoring than SCORE.

Strengthening Maine's Economy

SCORE is a direct and effective catalyst for businesses and job creation. Small businesses need mentoring and educational support to be successful. SCORE is the most effective source of small business mentoring in the U.S.!

SCORE Maine volunteers have worked exceptionally hard through a difficult year and persevered to provide valuable mentoring and educational opportunities to clients facing unprecedented challenges. 

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SCORE Maine Impact 2021








John Stadler

John Stadler | SCORE Mentor

"I came to SCORE to receive guidance on how to become a real estate investor. John is helping me to find my path to success.Communication is very important to me and John has done a great job and very responsive.John has helped me a lot and I would appreciate it if he continues to help me throughout my journey.”

-SCORE Client

Joseph Balchunas

Joseph Balchunas | SCORE Mentor

Joseph was so helpful in explaining things to me on a level I could understand. He is very helpful and I will get things done that I have needed for a very long time that I could not do alone. Nor pay to have them done.

-SCORE Client

Melissa Carbajal

Melissa Carbajal | SCORE Mentor

Melissa is so amazing! She asks questions that really make me slow down and think about the business I am creating. She assigns me homework that helps me learn new things each week about being a small business owner. Through my SCORE mentor, Melissa I have already gained so much knowledge in just 1 month of meetings! I hope I can continue to have a mentor ship relationship with Melissa for years. She really helps me think through problems and clarify things for myself by asking just the right question.

-SCORE Client

Edward Hatch

Edward Hatch | SCORE Mentor

My wife an I are thrilled with the response we received. Ted Hatch did a great job, he is professional, very personable, and very informative. We enjoyed listening to his comments, he was open to what we were saying and askingand gave us a great starting point. We are confident in SCORE, we were stuck moving forward, unsure of our path. With the positive feedback we received, our confidence level received a much needed boost.

-SCORE Client

Linda Diou

Linda Diou | SCORE Mentor

Linda was amazing. I now have a to do list and she was able to answer some of the questions that had been holding me back so I can make forward progress.

-SCORE Client

Edward Hatch

Edward Hatch | SCORE Mentor

SCORE offers a variety of services that will help my small business prosper. I started my business because I love what I do, but without using a lot of the financial tools at my disposal. This needs to change and Ted will help me make that transition. Ted understands that I am in business because I love what I do, not because I love paperwork.

-SCORE Client

Michelle Ames

Michelle Ames | SCORE Mentor

My mentor has helped to set the ball rolling and making the process of renting my home straight forward by the end of our first meeting. Your organization is a little too good to be true with it being free, convenient, informative, helpful, and friendly.

-SCORE Client

Anthony Cunningham

Anthony Cunningham | SCORE Mentor

Tony has been extremely helpful. He even stayed later on in the meeting to ensure all of my current questions were answered. Tony's help guide me in the right direction and brought up some eye opening real life scenarios.

-SCORE Client