The “Hot Dog Waggin’” will be serving customers this summer at the town beach in Bridgton, Maine. This new startup enterprise is off to a great start and shows what can be accomplished in a short time. The “Hot Dog Waggin’” offers three types of hot dogs, toppings from chili to baked beans, and lots of condiments. They also have chips and drinks to complete the meal. Located at the town beach on Highland Lake, there will be plenty of customers from the lake as well as downtown Bridgton which is just a block or two away. Business owner Linda Hamilton started with an idea and did a lot of research on her own. But, she wasn’t sure how to move her plans into reality. That’s where Central Maine SCORE came in.

My successes. 

The “Hot Dog Waggin’” opened for business May 20, 2011 to a warm welcome from the community. It looks like things are off and running.

How SCORE helped. 

In April 2011 Linda took advantage of SCORE’s free counseling. She met with mentors and, with their guidance, developed a business plan and cash flow projection. She also discussed licensing, permits, regulations, insurance, and incorporating. When she was satisfied everything was ready, she made her move.

Her idea is now reality. Here’s what Linda has to say about the help she received from SCORE.  "So many great ideas are never actually put into action. SCORE made the difference for me. John Huffman and Mary Ann Brown made me realize how important it is to think things through and look at the numbers. They helped me in making some important start-up decisions. In addition to the reality check, I greatly appreciate John’s enthusiasm, support, and willingness to help me work on the financial plan. For anyone wanting to open their first business--SCORE is a great place to start!"

Hot Dog Waggin